Thursday, 23 February 2012

Orson and Olivia You complete me

Orson and Olivia .. its one of my favorite cartoons ... i wasnt really a kid when i first watched it
but i liked sooooooooo much .. i always wanted to be vagabond .. sounds crazy but its true ,,
any way its a story of two homeless kids .. olivia who some how found her way out from the orphan house and head to cruel london streets n the victorian era .. she met with Orson .. who lives n small boat
in the river .. they became best friends and had a lot of adventures together .. my brother osama the same feeling and thoughts about them .. once we had two small fishes called them orson and olivia
..any way.. whenever i go crazy just like orson does with olivia .. osama can calm me down and makes me smile .. hehehehehehe.. today i found this lovely song for them .. so nostalgic

Sunday, 19 February 2012